Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction 

With experience of Dr Anne Wright, we will strive to help with any issue of this sensitive nature. The stress that comes with dealing with a child's wetting or soiling problem can be considerable for families. Low self-esteem, difficulties with relationship building, absence from school and bullying often result. Disrupted sleep, constant washing of clothing or bedding and a reluctance to leave the house can place a heavy burden on family life.

Bowel & bladder problems we treat:

- Enuresis (bedwetting) 

- Daytime wetting

- Bladder overactivity 

- Dysfunctional voiding 

- Neuropathic voiding 

- Neuropathic bladders

- Soiling (faecal incontinence

- Constipation 

- Stool withholding

Image of Bed-wetting situation in 4 or 5