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Bringing Clinics to your Home...

As this pandemic continues, we are aware that many children are not accessing the vaccinations they need, either because their local GP services have temporarily delayed offering them, or because parents are worried to attend, for fear of infection. The current social distancing, means the risk of catching any of the childhood diseases protected by these vaccines, is very small. When ‘normal life’ resumes, children will also return to their busy social lives. With many children requiring catch up vaccinations all at once, there is a possibility that the system will struggle initially, to cope with the increase in demand for vaccines and some children will inevitably go back to socialising, unprotected. If you are offered vaccines via your NHS clinic, we would encourage you to attend. Please be reassured that GPs and Hospitals are taking all precautions necessary, to offer safe and clean clinics In the interim, I have suitcases and can travel! I had started providing home visits, for immunisations, particularly for the all-important 2 month and 12 month vaccinations. I can at this time also provide the usually clinic based baby checks, 6 week checks, growth, developmental and feeding assessments, and non-infection related medical issues at the family’s home. It has so far been a very nice experience and well received by the families. I arrive along with my ‘mini clinic’, contained in 2 suitcases and a cool box for the vaccines. Having parked my car as close to my destination as possible, I put a mask, apron and gloves and when safely indoors, I spread the ‘mini clinic’ out on a table space provided by the family and the consultation begins.

This really is quite a lovely way of meeting and reassuring our families and of course delivering safe and needed care.

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